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Hello again,

The depression and anxiety over the thought of another stroke is all to real. Please include treatment for both your medical and emotional aspects of stroke, as depression can really take hold when we are focusing so much on our physical well being. Fore me I worked so hard on recovery from my strokes, I put off my deepening depression for years. After addressing that, I feel much more in control of these strong emotions that are natural following such a huge event in your life.

My strokes also left me with kidney failure, severe sleep disorders, heart attack/heart disease, and very difficult to control blood pressure. At this point, I am seen regularly by a neurologist, cardiologist, and nephrologist (kidney specialist), plus my family doctor for the basics. It did take some time to separate all my symptoms and seek proper care for each of them. While they are all very different, I do have one doctor who oversees all my medication to avoid any that would cause further kidney damage. It is a balancing act that we must learn to manage. Pulling together a team of doctors that you like and respect can take some time, but it is well worth it. Keep pushing until all your questions are answered to your liking.

Time tends to allow us to loose that fear of the "big one" coming soon. While you are there, please arm yourself with as many preventive measures you can, to remove some of those fears. At first sign of anything questionable, you get yourself immediate help. Make sure your family is aware of the warning signs, and knows exactly what to do if you begin to display any of them. FAST..Face, Arm, Speech, and Time. If you see any of these signs, TIME is of the essence. Call 911.

This is a trying time to have to do all these things. Hopefully you have some support from friends or family to help you with these decisions. In the mean time, we are here to help.

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