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Re: does this sound like angina please help me

It sounds most like costochondritis, an injury to one of the ligaments holding your rib cage together. You probably sprained one of them swimming.
It can hurt a lot and will respond to changes in body position whereas angina will not.

Take a very very deep breath: costochondritis will generally hurt like Hell when you do but angina will be unaffected. If low lie absolutely still costo will not huirt but angina will continue to ache until it passes.

You took the basic precautions and had yourself tested out so now relax. Costo can hurt for weeks but NSAIDS will give a good deal of relief. Try Aleve which you can buy in any drug store, perhaps two pills twice a day?

There is also a very weird thing that can happened to me in my 20's. WHile swilmming I think I swallowed a few drops of water into my lungs. It hurt a lot and I did the same as you...went to the ER. They said "not heart' and I suffered for 2 days, worried to death. Then it went BLURP...and no more pain. One of the goofiest things that ever happened to me.

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