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Re: L5S1 post surgery

Hi everyone!
thank you so much for all the replies! It really helps to know that I'm not an alien!

Jokes aside, I have been patient and trying not to overdue, what is hard sometimes is that our body is used to certain movements since we started to walk, and out of the sudden, you can't do them anymore, and it takes time for your brain to process. Talking about the no bending, lifting or twisting.

I did not do the fusion, my surgery was the laminectomy. Strangely, now reading all of your posts, my doctor told me before I decided to do the surg, right after, and before I left the hospital, that I should start with a 5 min walking, several times a day, then gradually increase the time slowly, as long as I was feeling comfortable doing so.

So no, I feel really bad writing here that yes, I am walking 1 hour straight !!
During the day, I do short walks around the office, then when I come home I walk for 1 hour..... now I'm afraid
Will double check with him!!!

I only felt the cramp once, during the night, but I continue to feel the "threat" of the cramp, meaning that sometimes I really think it will come, but thankfully it goes away. But the soreness or tightness of my left calf (which is the side of the surgery) is very frequent. Even when I lie down on my bed for a little while, when I get up, I feel it every single time!!

I will keep in touch and THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for all the responses, it meant a lot to me!!!

May God bless you all and may your recoveries be with less pain possible!!!

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