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Re: L5S1 post surgery

Dear pcorrea, I had L4-5, L5-S1 laminectomies & in my opinion & from what i learned from my NS, when your dr said "as long as your comfortable doing so" meant if it doesnt cause discomfort, as in making the muscles or the nerve in the leg on the side of your previous nerve compression become irritated, on the calf is exactly where the L5 nerve root is, if looking at a dermatome map that shows which spinal nerves innervate which parts of the body. A dermatome map is interesting to me to look at anyway after having back surgery. Once a nerve becomes irritated it can be quite difficult to get it to calm down again or if it just feels "funny" like twinges this is what it felt like to me when the nerve was healing after being decompressed & i was told by my NS that the twinges were normal & by no means were painful though. I think it is good that you are checking with the surgeon just to make certain that post op guidelines are clear so that then alot easier to follow but i wouldnt wait til 6 week check up, if its uncomfortable now I would want to know now & especially if i was doing so well i wouldnt want to risk messing up something that very few attain so quickly!

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