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Re: 25 years old just diagnosed with osteoporosis

Originally Posted by ladybud View Post
The only thing I can think of is a bone disease specialist, as opposed to orthopedist or endo. The Universities usually have one, so this person may be that type specialist, as they are often involved in research. You might also look for an osteoporosis specialist. OI generally presents in childhood with fractures from the numerous falls and accidents kids have.
The Endo doctor I went to years ago was described as a bone specialist. He's written books on osteoporosis. He said to me that it could be my form was mild and he said my slow developing teeth could have been a sign, also that several in my family had scoliosis and the pigeon chest. As the patient I am coming from a point of view of not knowing how rare my case is.....would it more likely be explained by OI ? So obviously I consider everything.

Now my current primary doctor wants me to see a rheumatologist but I'm not sure what they specialize in. What would this type of doctor know that an Endo would not?