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Re: Mri results neck help

So u had a shunt put in to drain it right , does it feel better ? Right now I have daily extreme pain , didbu , do u stiil ? Has it grow back? Did the shunt hurt ? Does the shunt stay in forever n keep draining when needed ? How do u kbow when it started ti grow or where it came from? I was in bad car wreck in 2009 , so we think mine might b trama related , but not postive eitger cuz my neck has alway been in pain ever since a young girl , just was always told nothing wrong wit it , lol, nice , h uh h !!!! But through n since wreck , my neck and back pain has double in its pain , its pretty much unbearable at most times. What kind of medinces did they put u on to help , if any for u? Any thing u suggestion neds wise or doctor wise, plz n thk u so very much, I can't stand living like this in this pain anymore :'(