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Re: Car accident

Originally Posted by pebblebeach3 View Post
Well its been almost 2 months since the car accident. I still get the spasms; involuntary movements.
Yesterday was difficult. I was doing some volunteer work and was on my feet for 1 1/2 hours or so and ended up leaving earlier then intended. My back was really bothering me.
Ended up taking some hydrocodone and tizanidine to help me thru the night. Not sure it really did much good. Still having issues today.
But on the positive note, finally got ALL the pre-certs I needed to have the MRI done. It is going to be done on March 21st and should take 1/2 hour. I am so relieved that it is finally about to be done.
Will post the results as soon as I have them... More later.
Well hi pebble, It seems like a long time that you have been waiting so patiently & finally to be next thursday & only take 1/2 hour, its amazing isnt it compared to the days of "old" when for a cervical MRI we were put in headfirst, our neck & head where our heads would be in such a close, tight spot & i had to lay my neck & head on a hard as a rock , pointed apparatus, the pointy part sticking me right in the C1 to skull area with the weight of my body & head pressing down on the point. Thank God that cervical MRI's are so much improved only "old timers" even remember these " gory" details & now they are in the past!
Your " back" , as in the lumbar/thoracic area that the intrathecal dilaudid & bupivicaine pump is supposed to relieve & it was hurting badly with standing? Do you think that you should notify PM b/c i think that it has been long enough, Jan 11th?, for the intrathecal to help noticeable enough that volunteer work should be possible. The pump is supposed to reduce medication intake for this particular area of pain but bt is still ordered & needed but it didnt help very much?, this is a new finding for you right, do you think that the PM needs to be notified? I am so sorry that it hurt so much that had to leave early b/c i know that it means so much to you to give back & serve others. Thanks for the update & will research more about the involuntary jerks.

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