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Re: Help with symptoms/labs? Feeling a bit hopeless again.

Suzanne, in my opinion you may well have Addison's disease. You have many symptoms, and the ACTH stim test, your cortisol level should double or more from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, which it did not. There are a few things additional that could be done, but I think you are very symptomatic for adrenal insufficiency and should be treated. Two additional tests to support that diagnosis nwould be anti-adrenal antibodies, as Addison's is an autoimmune disease, and a serum aldosterone level to check the mineralcorticoid part of adrenal insufficiency that causes orthostatic hypotension. Be sure to follow the positional directions prior to that blood draw. Other clues- look on your test results for lower range sodium (Na+) and higher range potassium (K+). They may be in normal range but borderline. Since you've been seen at the University endo clinic, I would return and ask to see the head of department armed with info, and ask for treatment based on not doubling your cortisol levels after ACTH. They can also do a pituitary panel if you are concerned about pituitary insufficiency. That includes all the anterior pituitary hormones. Good luck! Your PCP could order the adrenal antibodies and aldosterone for you. Also, see if you have any dark pigment deposits in the creases where your joints flex, inside your mouth, around the aereolas or overall darkening of skin color, like a tan, and point that out to Drs if you do.

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