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Re: L5S1 post surgery

Anyone with feeling calf pain after surgery?
I'm female, 31 years old and had a L5,S1 4 weeks ago.
It all started with a very bad sciatica on the left leg and foot. I could not walk, stand or seat for not even 3 minutes. Lying down on bad for 9 weeks until I decided to do the surgery. Tried Epidural injection, which did not work at all, tried spinal decompression, but stopped in the middle to do the surgery.

Pos Surgery was EXTREMELY painful, the first 48 hours I was in extreme pain and extreme weak.
As recommended, I started walking after the second day, but 5 minutes was too much.
Started increasing the time of the walk a little bit everyday and today, after 4 weeks I am walking 1 hour a day. Still with no BLT - bending, lifting, twisting, but overall I'm feeling good.
The only thing that I'm complaining, and wanted to ask if anyone had this, I'm having kind of cramps on my left calf during the night and I am waking up every day with my left calf extremely tight. It looses up after a while, but it is umconfortable.

I'm having my 6 week pos surgery check up in 2 weeks, and I will check with my doctor.
But as I said, overall I"m great, came back to work within 2 weeks, going to church, going out to eat.
Driving is the most difficult thing for now.[/QUOTE]

You may want to rule out a blood clot in that calf, they call it a DVT (deep venous thrombosis), and can be very serious. Go see your doctor.