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Re: Basal Joint surgery

Dear Haydena,

I'm delighted to hear you are doing so well. Hopefully that numb section will come back-a lot of the nerves do reconnect, but they grow very slowly. With my knees I got back almost all the area that was numb, but it took over 6 months. I am still doing my exercises and will be doing them for quite a while yet, but my final therapy session was Tuesday, so I am officially released.

Right now things are really busy for me-only 5 days until exams, so of course my students have just decided they want an A and how can they raise their grade from a C between now and then. I have a lot of correcting to do which is really wreaking havoc with my left hand, but I have the most docile, cooperative, obedient students ever as they feel the pressure of finals. I work in a Catholic High School which means I have it a lot easier than those teaching in public schools to begin with, but this week is like a vacation! I wish they wanted to work like this every week, but then they are just normal kids.

I have started seeds and also started some for a friend of ours who will be giving my daughter Gina and me a large piece of his garden to use. He lives on an acre of land and doesn't need all his garden since his children are grown and gone. I think he likes us there because we do all the watering that is necessary so he doesn't have to. We have offered to pay, but he doesn't want anything, even for the water. I will put my tomato plants in at our house where I have a small garden space that is fenced. The deer have gotten really bad and I can't have anything growing in the open in our yard which is really a shame. I used to have 40 feet of raspberries and would pick 2 gallons at a time during the peak of the season, but the deer have destroyed them all. There isn't enough food for them any longer since the farm behind our house was sold and divided for a subdivision. We live next to a park, so there is plenty of space for them to live in the woods safely, but without the corn fields they are eating everything else.

Just a few days until I go to Florida. I will go on Good Friday and stay to the following Friday. I have a lot of work to do, but I will also have a chance to spend a lot of time with my family. I plan to correct my exams on the flight down. I have done that several years and it really helps with the boredom.

Then it will be a few more weeks to the end of the fourth term, Florida, Costa Rica, and then surgery on the left. My surgeon is working on moving my surgery up by a week so that I am out of the brace before the start of classes. That would make correcting so much easier. So wish me luck on that one. He will let me know later this month or in early April.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you next week when you are finally free from the splint. I think you should buy a new ring for that hand to celebrate the occasion. I think that jewelry is always appropriate for a special event, don't you?

Take Care.


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