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Re: Urine smell

Originally Posted by breakingreality View Post
Ok, two of you have said this now, so I'm going to ask. I was told that T2 diabetes is where the pancreas basically gets tired and doesn't produce as much insulin as it used to to help your body absorb the glucose, not that your body doesn't know what to do with it. Have I been misinformed?
Most type 2s are insulin resistant. In the beginning, the pancreas has to work hard to produce more and more insulin to overcome the insulin resistance to bring blood sugars down. As the disease progresses, the beta cells can get burned out and then you get less insulin output.

This is why it can get harder over time to control blood sugar and more medications and insulin may be added to compensate.
30 years old, thin type 2
Diagnosed: 6/30/11 (failed OGTT with bg around 260 at 2 hours)

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