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Re: Viral Laberynthitis

Hi everyone, I went to see ENT specialist a week ago, (after nearly ten weeks waiting for)...he turn me side to side tossed me upside down, hehe.. made me stand on a foam cushion, checked my blood pressure, which I thought it was high, but I think I was a bit stress under the circumstances..., I felt awful after all that, hopefully my Hubby was with me to hold my hand hehe, anyway Dr gave new exercises which are; looking at your thumb to arms length and shake your head for ten seconds (like saying no to a child that wants sweeties), that's what he said, then saying yes for another ten seconds, to do 5 times a day for up to 20 seconds at a time. So far I have managed 2 days, if I'm honest I felt pretty bad afterwards, he did say I will feel worse before I feel better. Now I'm waiting for a scan of my inner ear and then I will see the Dr again! we'll see what happens!!