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Re: Heavy Menstrual Flow

Soooo...its the end of my third week, the longest ever periods I'm facing... ..
I never bled this long after the deliveries, either..One reason could be I'm stressed and taking some light anti-depressant too...yet I would like to share my experience of medication with my fellow it might help them..!!

I experienced... there's a 'surge' 'hormones' I think causing more pain/ uterine contractions from late morning (11'o'clock) till evening..(like 4'0'clock)...
Then the pressure seems to subsides...normally stays controlled or low...during night time ..provided I avoid any physical stress which involves my back muscles...

Nights are better and relatively the grace of Almighty, though!

About medication..specifically...I'm taking 250 mg of Apo-Naproxen only ,every 6 hours after...
during heavy times for a few days I combined it with 250 mg. of Cyklocapron...and when the flow was in control I stopped adding it...
It is working this way...that its helping reduce the blood loss...and saving my energy to some extent..
Taking more rest is required during that 'surge' control the madness..I start feeling it as it comes...kind of hot-flash combined with some pressure and stiffness around the abodominal region....
I felt high doses (500 mg) cause a lot of stress on our renal system...and you need to pass urine a feel comfortable again...and then you need to wait 12 hours for the next dose of 500 mg...which seems far me...

So as far we need a certain level of the medication in our system...lower dose causes less stress...still its helpful not to hold the urge to pass urine..

I also found some diet changes helpful too..adding yam, tofu, beans, seafood..and green my diet...regulating the meals time and amount...e.g...brings good changes...and reduce the stress of bloating...or bletching...etc.

Keeping warm (not too warm to trigger a hot-flash) ..and active with light work and exercise like muscular stiffness...

Thanks a lot for your help and concern...I hope my experience will also be adding to your learning..

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