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Re: Thinking of leaving my husband... feeling sick, not sure what to do

I too have been down the same road as you seem to be,
but here is the you have a really good support system in place? Will your parents/ family help you out with the kids? Do you have a job that will support you and the girls without waiting on his support?
Sometimes it is easier to fix the problem between you and your spouse than to take off......being on your own is not easy especially with two small kids. Only you can decide that.........but YOU need to see a doctor and get your health checked out, then look for a good counselor and start seeing him or her, and set aside some time just for you ......let something go and take a walk, or take the kids to the park.....or better yet invite your husband to go with you .....make it a family outing if only for a half hour. Sometimes we want to blame someone else when its really our attitude that needs to change. How did your family handle stress? Are you handling stress much in the same way? Two babies in two years is a LOT of stress, just think you and your husband barely had time to figure out how to live as a couple before you were a family of four!
Step back and ask yourself how you can change things then implement the changes as much as you can, sometimes just changing your attitude can have a domino affect, it will just change everything down the line. Dont throw in the towel yet, but pull yourself together and make sure you really want to give up and walk away before you do.