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Re: Change in Meds/Pain unbearable

Thank you for responding and your caring. Nothing has changed for me unfortunately. I made a call to the clinic the day after my appointment to schedule my next one before the month ended and not surprisingly he had nothing for a month and half. They made one with another physician at another clinic that was on the 18th. It was early but I was very thankful because I'm not doing well. I can't sleep past 3 or 4am, I haven't cooked a real meal for my family, I'm not getting dressed, not cleaning to any acceptable extent, etc. My life that was already limited has virtually stopped and I'm hurting so bad every minute. Thoughts of a future are daunting to say the least. The female doctor told me that I have to continue with the physician I say last time, period. I explained I couldn't get in and also that things are awful. She called him and got me in a the month mark and having already met him I know he won't put me back where I've been for 4yrs. He stated that new State law says a pain patient can't be over 120mg but he brought me to 80. He also said I was at 320 something. I was at 140mg, so I dont know what he was going by. He said it could only stay where i was if i were in the care of a PM doc. Then told me that there was none for over 250miles. I was in the care of one for over a yr and traveled another 150miles for 6m to see another before my vanishing doctor of 20yrs was holding my pain contract that started this nightmare. So, sorry long story but that's where I am now. I hope things go well with you. I have endless compassion for those who suffer with things that can't be changed. God bless and you health.

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