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Re: Change in Meds/Pain unbearable

I was on 2-40mg Opana er and 2-oxycontin 30 ir daily. I am now 2-40 oxycontin op which I think is er. I get to hour 4-5 and pain is right back to not being helped. Before I lived at a 2-5 now it's 5-8. I've never said 10 in my 44yrs. Through a life of broken bones, surgeries, migraines, &, multiple childbirth and c-sections I've never said 10. That should be saved for missing limbs or some God awful thing. At this point I just don't know what to do or where to turn. I would trade years of my life itself to return to 4 yrs ago and feeling human again. Can't go back though and now stinks. I resent having to take a pill to get through my hours in the day and resent even more the people that put us in this position by abusing the medicine that helps us. Because my doctor that cares about me is awol this new doc only wants to cover his own butt and gave no solution, just cut me down and will do it even further. WA is only the beginning, it will be this way everywhere. They need to have PM doctors available in major cities. You would think Spokane would. We're the largest city around, short of going 400 miles to Seattle. I know when I see him on the 4th nothing will change. I don't even know if saying how this month of "life" has been is been is even worth wasting my breathe. Thanks again for your reply and compassion. Many best wishes.