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Re: Difficulty/Restricted Breathing

I am new to this forum. I have followed posts off and on for the last few years.
I was diagnosed with LPR around 3 years ago. I would experience throat tightness and swallowing problems and feeling as if I could not breath. I also would experience spasms which I now believe was caused by acid reflux hitting my vocal chords. The first year was the worst I thought after I finally had a diagnosis that things would improve and I could take medicine to get rid of this LPR but I was wrong, the medicine ppi's did not work and I spent a long time researching what I could do to get relief which I eventually found through carrot juice, alkaline juices and foods and making sure food gets digested well and emptied out before laying down, that doesn't always happen however and on those nights like tonight I find myself up when I want to be sleeping, because it takes my breath away. I do not have the globus sensation anymore or too many vocal chord spasms but if I go to bed with anything in my stomach I am up half the night till it digest because of breathing. Following an alkaline diet can make me forget I have it but then I start eating what I want and drinking my coffee and my symptoms come back . Anyway, wishing you all well on your endeavors to be rid of this awful condition.