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wonder if you can help me

Hi guys, I wonder if you can help me. I'm considering having Ulnar Shortening surgery in a couple of months time on my left arm, along with debridement of the tfcc. I've had several consultations with the surgeon, read lots of studies/reports, & combed lots of forums trying to get a good handle on recovery time & various outcomes etc, the thread you guys have got going here happens to have helped a lot.
My main issue is that I'm a professional drummer and I'm quite worried about not getting full rotation back & having a much weaker arm (in terms of structure) & stuff like that.
I'm wondering how you guys are getting on with the recovery? Would you mind detailing things like bone union, rotation of the arm, strength in the wrist, and strength in the arm with the plate & screws in etc?
Also, i've been advised that I should put aside 4 months for full recovery - does that sound right?

Any information would massively helpful and hugely appreciated!