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Unhappy Re: Support for OCD partners

Originally Posted by grey745 View Post
I have a similar problem - being acused of sleeping around by my husband for 18 years. He refuses treatment of any sort absolutely refuses medication for his OCD. If you ever get an answer on how to deal with this symptom they have, please let me know. I am at my wits end. I have Bipolar disorder, which makes it ever harder for me to deal with his untreated OCD and my (treated) Bipolar disorder.
I wish you all the best.
Last year, she went on Anafranil and had terrible side affects. So I agreed with her decision to stop taking it.

She is on a homeopathic med. But I don't think it is working.

I wish she would try Luvox or one of the other meds used for OCD.

She recently told me, she is not pushing me away, but that, she wishes I would find someone better than her. I asked her if this had anything to do with her STD worry. She said it didn't. She did say, that it was because of her, not me.

I told her, in my experience, there has been no one better than her. She has cared far more than my (ex)wife, and (ex)fiance ever did.

She even said that she would not have a problem if I saw another woman, while I was in a relationship with her. I told her, I am not emotionally capable of doing something like that. It is not in my psyche.

Also, I did an analysis of our communication(IM, e-mail, Yahoo e-mail, phone, ********. The communication has been spotty, at best.

Also, With her pushing me away, why would she want copies of my IM conversations with my (ex)fiance's husband. It doesn't compute.

The only way I am keeping myself together, is reminding myself that, deployed soldiers are forced to go longer without speaking to their spouse/fiance/girlfriend/boyfriend. Also, The cable show 'Prison Wives'. They only get to talk to their husbands(usually incarcerated 'lifers'), once a month, and not every one of the inmates is allowed the privilege of a conjugal visit with their significant other.

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