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Re: Ulnar Shortening Surgery... how long is recovery?

Originally Posted by MountainReader View Post
I had my ulnar osteotomy in February 2012. I gained full strength back pretty quickly. A good certified hand therapist was a real help. My pronation came pretty close to normal. My supination didn't quite come back though. I ended up needing arthroscopic tfcc debriedment at the end of November and had my plate removed at the time. Once I got the plate in, I started PT with the certified hand therapist and I'm almost back to my original normal. I can get full supination when I'm stretched, I'm close when I'm not.

Your healing is the same as someone who had a plated broken bone. I'd say 4 months sounds about right. How much are you having done in your tfcc area? Repair there might take some time. Debriedment is shorter. My second surgery had a much quicker healing time.

Hope everything goes well for you.
Hi MountainReader, thanks for your reply - really, really helpful. A good hand therapist is something I'm looking into at the moment & I think I've found a very good one.

With regard to the tfcc area, my understanding is that it's an arthroscopic examination & 'tidy up' so I'm hoping (my pain is minimal to non-existent in my wrist unless I injure it due to the 3mm positive variance in my ulnar bone) that it won't be that invasive, & it will be being done at the same time as the ulnar osteotomy so I'm hoping it will feel fairly insignificant, next to someone sawing through my bone & plating it back together :-/