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Re: New Here - TSH 5.75 but Doctor Isn't Convinced of Hypothyroidism

Originally Posted by Alainaaaaa View Post
New here and new to the world of hypothyroid (unfortunately!). Would love to share my story and have some people in a similar boat to me to talk to.

My story, in short, is that I have been having all sorts of symptoms for a little while now. Most difficult ones for me are brain fog and fatigue but I've got many more typical hypothyroid symptoms like long cycles, weight gain/can't lose weight, dry skin, sensitivity to cold...

Not even suspecting anything with my thyroid, I went off the birth control pill about a month and a half ago and about a week and a half after that I was a mess. I woke up one morning with an intense and constant brain fog as well as headaches. I felt like I was in a dream world. I could still go about my day and sort of fake it, but I was far from my usual self. I was also totally exhausted by the end of the day and exhausted even after 8-10 hours of sleep every night.

Finally, after about a week and a half of that terrible fog, it lifted quite a bit to the point where things are ok now. Not great, but ok.

During the 10 days of constant brain fog, I saw my doctor and she ordered blood tests. I came back a week later for the results (feeling a bit better at that point, as I mentioned above), and we went over everything and everything was looking ok, until we got to the TSH results.

TSH was 5.75. I thought I had finally found my answer!!! But wouldn't you know it, my doctor blew me off and told me that her own TSH is in the 5-6 range and that is normal, even though my results was flagged as abnormal. I do live in Canada where 5 or even 5.5 can be considered normal by many doctors, but still, I was outside of that. I knew only a little about hypothyroidism at that point, but I knew enough to ask for free t3 and free t4 testing, which she said no to as it's too expensive and the gov't doesn't want doctors running those tests unless they feel it's necessary, and she did not. I was too confused and unprepared for my results to even be abnormal to argue her, so I left, with her telling me to retest my TSH in 3 months. I should also mention that my cholesterol came out at the high end of normal (don't know the exact number) which I now know is also a sign of hypothyroidism. I am only 31 years old so I don't see why my number would be elevated otherwise. Also, I have been known to have low Vit D in the past (they don't test that for free here in Canada anymore apparently so my doc didn't order it this time), which I have also read is strongly connected to thyroid issues.

Luckily, I managed to order blood tests myself, so I paid for TSH, free t3, free t4, antibodies and possibly one other test. Got the blood draw Saturday, no results yet.

So, in short, my TSH came out at 5.75 and my doctor dismissed it as nothing. Top it all off, I had my blood drawn while fasting but at about 2-3pm the first time, which I hear could cause my TSH to be reduced. Luckily, my new blood draw was at 9:30am so I am hopeful it will give me a more accurate number to go back to my doctor with.

Anyway, I am just really posting to vent and to connect with some other people in similar situations. Thanks so much if you read this far! I appreciate it!

I didn't read any replies to this yet, so I appologize if this has already been said. You really need a new doctor! I am having issues with doctors and figuring out what's wrong with me, but in saying that all my tests have been within normal ranges.

I'm not sure how different Ontario is, but I'm in Alberta and if the doctors tried to pull that government crap on me I'd flip my wig!. I had a tsh progressive test ran, which is testing tsh and free t4. If the free t4 comes up abnormal they then test the free t3 from that same tube. It's the same way in Newfoundland (my mom is a lab tech there). Also the tsh range here is 0.5-4.0. The doctor can order any test they see necessary. The fact that she doesn't see this abnormal result as a need to test further is scary. Who gives a rats behind what her tsh is.

I do know the government is trying to make all labs operate the same (eg all physicians must now sign all requisition forms.). You Definantly need a new doctor, one who thinks your health is worth looking in to. This is scary that with an out of range result, she won't do further testing. Take your new results and go find yourself a doctor who will listen. Why should she care what it costs the government to run these tests? She still gets her paycheck. I would be so mad! My current doctor told me if more people had my weight loss complaint then he would be out of work. He also said he wished he had that complaint. I was so mad with that! I lost 15lbs since Xmas that's a big concern! I could only imagine a doctor telling me I was fine because their tsh was normally high!

Sorry that made me real mad. She went to school and gets payed real good to HELP people, not dismiss them.