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Re: New Here - TSH 5.75 but Doctor Isn't Convinced of Hypothyroidism

Thanks for all the responses!

Soconfused27 - I so agree that I need a new doctor! I did call around to five or so the day after my doctor dismissed my abnormal result. No one was taking new patients, which is a big, common problem around here. I assume it's the same in Alberta? So I can't seem to get in anywhere. I'm also starting to wonder how to choose another decent doctor who knows anything about hypothyroid. The ones that have good ratings around here are certainly not taking new patients. Even my own doctor has a rating over 4/5 online which makes her sound kind of ok compared to others. I am afraid to move on from her to someone even worse! What about a naturopath? They can prescribe here now I think.

While on the topic, anyone in the Toronto area know of anyone taking new patients??

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