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Re: New Here - TSH 5.75 but Doctor Isn't Convinced of Hypothyroidism

Originally Posted by Niviob View Post
I know it can be really hard to find a new doctor in Ontario. However, you can find a walk in clinic to go to. You don't have to "leave" your doctor. I would try this while looking for a new doctor. I would hazard a guess that the dr. at the clinic would order your tests and or prescribe some hormones for you. Be sure and ask for the Antibodies test.

I have gone to a walk in clinic when I didn't want to wait days for an appointment with my Dr. There are no set appointments so you may have to wait a while and it is a crap shoot on which Dr. you will get. Can't be worse than your current one.
Thanks for this tip. I've thought of trying a walk-in before but wasn't sure what they would be willing to do for me. Were you diagnosed with a thyroid problem at a walk-in clinic or did you go in for meds/changes to your situation after being diagnosed?