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Re: Total Cholesterol lowered from 262 to 148 in 11 weeks

Well done,

It's strange that when LDL is lowered dramatically, HDL decreases also. I've seen this time and time again.
However, your HDL has dropped dramatically and is now probably small in particle size.

Sorry to sound a little negative, but having a low HDL count is medically worse than having elevated LDL. This is because there aren't the required amount of particles to 'mop up' the circulating LDL.

Having high LDL does not mean anything, as there are type 'A' and type 'B' LDL particles. Type 'B' being small are three times more likely to attach themselves to artery walls than type 'A' particles. I remember reading somewhere that having a Triglyceride level below 60mg/dl promotes larger LDL particles.

Coming back to the HDL. I'm surprised that the amount of exercise you are now doing has dropped your HDL by ~21%...WOW, that is a huge drop....and bad.

Today, cholesterol ratio figures are used for determining the development of CHD within 10 years. ie: TC/HDL, LDL/HDL and Trigs/HDL.
As you can see, every ratio is computed with the so called 'good' cholesterol, so therefore the higher the HDL the better the ratios.

Now that you have reduced the so called 'baddies', you should look into regaining or even bettering your original HDL level.
Only consume good fats: Mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated.
Whole grains. ie. oatmeal, oat bran and whole-wheat.
Look into consuming Omega '3' (EPA and DHA on a 2:1 ratio totalling ~1gm daily) and cutting out Omega '6' and at the same time look into taking 100% pure Krill oil. (500mg).
If the two oils fail to increase your HDL to an acceptable level, you may need to move onto high doses of Vitamin 'B3'.

Well done once again with the 'baddies', but not so well done with the 'goody'.

ps: If you look at the most important ratio, the Trigs/HDL then your initial one was 2.04 and the latest 2.16. Hardly any difference.


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