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Re: Total Cholesterol lowered from 262 to 148 in 11 weeks

Thanks Yack,

I was concerned about the HDL issues also. I am just starting to research what adjustments need to happen with my diet to get the HDL back up a little. I am not sure I can translate your advice on the oils to my meals. Which foods does that translate too having more or less of?

I have done some reading on foods to increase the HDL and think I should add some eggs back into my diet. We have backyard chickens and they eat an organic feed which should make the cholesterol content of the yolk lower than grocery store eggs.

I also think I cut my total fat calorie % down too much. I need to get those percents back near 30% of daily calories without adding to the saturated and trans fats. I love having almonds as snacks. Looks like I get to have a couple of handfuls instead of just one.

Any other suggestions and I would be happy to consider them.