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Re: hallux rigidus surgery

Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
Certainly you can run and play basketball after fusion. You could even wear heels if you wanted! They fuse the toe at an angle so that rolling off it is normal. I have been in discussions about one and have elected to put it off because it doesn't hurt that bad and only at certain times (dancing is really a problem). I was honest with my surgeon about not wanting to get rid of my pretty heels. He explained that he could fuse it at more of an angle than normal so I oculd wear a higher heel, The trade off is that it will stick up more when my foot is flat in sandals, etc. If I can accept that, he's willing to increase the angle.
Hi Tichou.
I will be meeting with doctors soon for consultations. Would you please share the name of your surgeon. You seem to have had positive results and I'm not ready to give up my heels.