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Biopsies, Scopes & Needles..Oh,My!

During my last physical my doctor felt my uterus was enlarged, irregular and firm and sent me for an abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound.

The results? Polyp and fluid in endometrial cavity, and 3 fibroids. I am 4 years POST menopause and I have never had a fibroid or polyp before. I was under the assumption fibroids got smaller after meno....I didn't think I could grow some! My doctor referred me to a gynecologist, she said the polyp definately had to be removed and the fibroids checked.

Can anybody enlighten me as to what tests I'll probably have to have? What is an endometrial biopsy like? I've read polyps are removed by hysteroscopy, sometimes with a D & C to check if fibroids have any atypical cells. Would they do an endo biopsy and a hysteroscopy? Can they just check the fibroids while they do the hysteroscopy, and forget the endo biopsy.

Yes, I am a big chicken......I'm more worried about the tests than the findings. I'm told both fibroids and polyps are rarely malignant. Do they ever just leave them alone. Thanks for any answers!
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