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Re: Biopsies, Scopes & Needles..Oh,My!

Thank you for your answer! I see my regular doctor tomorrow to go over the results, and the gynecologist she referred me to can get me in next week. I won't have to wait very long for answers.

I'm pretty sure the fibroids are new. Right before menopause, I had several vag/ultrasounds to check the lining of my uterus and to watch ovarian cysts. I had chronic anemia, so I'm sure they checked for fibroids. As soon as my period stopped so did the chronic anemia. I've had pelvic exams every year and this is the first time the doctor noticed any difference.

Also, I haven't had even one spot of blood since my period stopped, and with all the prodding I've had lately, there still isn't any blood. The fluid around the polyp was determined to be blood on the ultrasound, but none of it has leaked.

I was hoping the lack of any bleeding would be a good enough reason to leave well enough alone! I guess I'll know more tomorrow. Thanks!
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