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Angry A 32 yr old bullying my 3 yr old - HELP

So, My ex-husbands sister in law is a very jealous, vindictive, backstabbing, malicious, bully. My 3 yr old son is absolutley TERRIFIED of this woman. There have been several occasions where she has been caught by another family member making mean scary faces at him when she thought nobody was looking. In another incident, when Grandma was holding my son, she walked past this offender, and the offender grabbed and squeezed my son's foot, hard enough to make him cry. Since then, they basically just do not leave this person unattended with my son at family gatherings. This easter, my ex actually told me he wanted me to pick up my son before this woman arrived for easter dinner, because he said when she is there. my son just latches on to my ex in sheer terror of her. I asked my son last night why he is so scared of her, and he told me "because she hits me". After trying to address the issue with him from different angles to get as much info as I could (remember he's only 3)... it basically boils down to at one time or another, she has hit him in the head and made him cry. At this point, I am in a pure rage. I'm not sure how to go about handling this. I'd like to press some kind of charges on her, but where there is not physical evidence of the abuse, I'm not sure if I can.

I guess she has been confronted about her behavior toward my son and his absolute fear of her several times, and her response is "he's just going to have to get over it".

I know that her reason for doing this is because she is a very jealous brat. She doesn't like my son because now her kids are not the only grandkids and my son gets a ton of affection. He is known to be so very sweet and well behaved, while her kids are just heathens. I really need some advice on how to handle this, before I get myself in trouble.

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