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Pls help. Im a sister of a TIA survivor who is 36 years old

My brother suffered TIA 2 weeks ago. I knew something was wrong and I rushed to the hospital. The common symptoms were there; numbness of his right arm and leg, dizziness and slurred speech. We got the MRI to confirm it and he was kept under observation because the doctors said they wanted to monitor him since he was too young to get a stroke.

We were at the hospital for 2 days and he was given doses of citocoline and aspirin. After awhile, it was like nothing happened. He was back to normal. We did find that he was hypertensive and that he has high blood pressure.

I sm my brother's guardian, he suffers from autism too so I dont really know whata going on with my head and since he hardly expresses himself, I was not aware. Ignorance on my part, though family say I am not to blame, but of course I feel its my fault.

He was released from the hospital and he was doing fine. He got off the citocoline and was just taking meds like Flavix and Aspirin. But last night he said he felt a throbbing pain on his head. He said there was no sharp pain, no blurry vision and he did not feel dizzy. Just a throbbing pain that comes and goes. He feels better now but my neuro said to come in for a check up and he might be admitted.. again.

Here's the thing, should I be worried? Because every time we visit the doctor thats like a week's pay for me. I do not have health insurance for him since our health care policies state I cannot list him as a dependent. I was lucky enough to have friends who help me pay for his hospital bills and I am greatly in debt now.

I guess, I want to hear other people's experiences. Since I feel so out of my league here and I am the only one that can take care of him.

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