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going cold turkey from seroquel

so i've been on seroquel for sleep (1000 mg , yes, 1000 mg!) for ten years and my insurance has made it impossible for me to afford. last year i paid 12.50 dollars, starting january, my insurance will not cover it until i paid 1500 bucks out of pocket. they were gonna charge me 700 dollars for one month and after picking myself off the floor and stopped yelling long enough, they lowered it to 240.00. i tried Astra-zenica for help but they said i make too much money. so after all these years, i'm going cold turkey. i'm terrified and am not sure i can do it but i have 5 days off this week so here i go. i figure i wont be able to sleep for at least three days, then maybe i can get a couple of hours a sleep after that. i have a very stressful job and need my sleep to stay on top of my game. i was gonna try it when i had more days off but am unable to wait any longer. there is no way i can afford it this month and i am mentally ready to get off this drug, it has ruined my health in so many ways. i could use some support, i live alone and have noone to support me, and i'm sure having insane insomnia will be very hard.
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