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Question Difficulty breathing with even mild changes in weather or temperature.

I am a 65 y.o. male with a history of childhood asthma. I gave up smoking about 8 years ago and since I did that I have had a problem with shortness of breath. I have chronic sinusitis, have had surgery for it and have taken all available medications with no benefit. I have constant post nasal drip. I have shortness of breath when there is a change in humidity, barometric pressure, when it is windy and when there is a change in temperature, even only a slight change. Going from an air conditioned room to a warm room causes SOB. I used to live in New England and was advised to move to a warmer climate, so I moved to Malaysia. I still have the problem. Every doctor and ENT specialist gives me the same medications, over and over again, but nothing works. They can't tell me what is wron with me and eventually give up. It is driving me crazy because I am gaining weight because I can't exercise properly when I can't breathe. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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