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Re: had "teeth adjustment" during TMJ treatment today. Kind of worried. Help?

When did all of this start happening?
I'm sure you grind or clench your teeth at night as that is the main reason why people suffer from TMD. Wearing the splint at night helps, not only protect your teeth but my dentist said it will actually correct your bite if your bite is off and align your jaw if your jaw is out of alignment. I trust my dentist- have known him a long time. He has always saved me money and even paid for some of my treatments! I've always been very satisfied with his work so I really hope he is right.

There was a time I thought my teeth should be shaved down in areas, but he never did it and I didn't ask him to. My left side hits before my right when I bite down too.
Sometimes I think my actual disk has slipped in that jaw because I still can't open far enough for a lot of foods. And I eat soft foods.
I was not "referred" to any specialist. My dentist treats TMD with acrylic splints. If that does not help, he refers his patients to an oral surgeon for CT scans.
He just watched me bite down and could see with his eyes that my right side didn't touch in the back. Then he felt the condoyles on both sides and said my left side was lower. He said the guard/splint will help correct this. But I only wear it at night as that is when I clench my teeth. I don't think I clench my teeth during the day.

Do you clench or grind your teeth during the daytime?
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