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very scared, very ill at the moment

I don't exactly know what is going on. I don't know if HIV works this way. In February i received oral sex (unprotected), from a stranger I met at a party. I know very wrong. I am a male and so was he. I am 19 by the way. This was my first sexual experience. I have never done anything else.

2 weeks after I got a cold with a fever It lasted 2 weeks, A week later I got a sore throat it lasted 2 weeks with a fever, and I have been feeling nausea for a while now. For a while now iv been feeling very hot and flushed with a fever. I have been feeling just a plain fever and it scared me. I would understand if I had a cold but I don't. Today I had a fever and had a pounding headache. I felt like fainting. What's going on?

It does not sound like any STD out there. It does sound like HIV.

I am very scared right now I know I made a mistake but I feel like dying right now...

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