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Re: very scared, very ill at the moment

Originally Posted by SOTM View Post
It sounds like any dime a dozen cold or flu like illness out there. All you need to know is that oral sex is not a risk for HIV. It is also highly unlikely for any other STD from oral sex.

You will not have HIV from this encounter....testing for HIV because of this would be totally unnecessary. If you have not had STD tests recently, you may as well get tested now....but you had ZERO RISK for HIV from what you described above. If you were negative before the BJ, you are negative now.
No this is the only thing iv done. Receive oral. I am a wreck right now. I am running a fever. Why would anyone run a random fever. That is what is terrifying me. Also the dizzyness. What do you think about the fevers? What if he had a throat infection and I didnt notice?