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Re: had "teeth adjustment" during TMJ treatment today. Kind of worried. Help?

Originally Posted by dczech1 View Post
So I have been going for TMJ treatment to a specialist for the last three weeks. Apparently he is very good but I am having reservations. When they first gave me a bite pressure test, the left side of my mouth bit with 75% while the other with 25%, so that we concluded is not normal.

I have been given a splint to wear two weeks ago and have been doing that. Today, they gave me a bite test, and afterwards, they did a brief "teeth polishing" in which they grinded some of the edges of my back teeth. Instantly, the pressure went from 75% to 69%. I got worried asking if thats the case, whats the purpose of the splint? They say they do the teeth adjustment every 3 weeks of the 15 week treatment. Should I continue doing this, even though im worried? My teeth don't really look different but Im still very skeptical. Im just tired of the discomfort but am not really sure they are doing this just to get there money and have the results physically show that my bite improve. Even though the pressure subsided, I am still hearing popping sounds in my ear. He also told me to hold off on my pending wisdom tooth extraction because it my irritate the symptoms. Please help!!
Grinding bits off teeth to align the bite, isn't called 'teeth polishing', it's called Equilibration. Teeth polishing is what Hygienists do to scale and polish your teeth to remove tarter buildup from your teeth.

Grinding bits off teeth to treat the TMJ should only be done at the very end of treatment, after the jaw is correctly positioned and aligned and functioning normally, using a 24/7 splint and then if necessary using orthodontics to align the jaw. Only then should it be done by removing the smallest amount necessary so the teeth meet better.
It sounds like they are using TScan to check your bite, but if you have displaced discs, TScan alone does not help diagnose what is wrong with your bite. Be careful with dentists using TScan as while it may be useful, if the dentist is not well skilled in equilibrating teeth and treating displaced discs, they may be relying too much on getting the right measured results from Tscan. Some dentists can check the bite just as well using blue strips.