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Re: Arthritis in foot & ankle Need advice

Originally Posted by ann775 View Post
I have TMJ ,which is essentially arthritis . That is interesting Soccersaver. I drink a lot of tea. Will have to try adding cinnamon . I do use cinnamon for other things. Like my oatmeal . And do use raw honey. I will the tea more often.
My news is my doctor put me in a cam boot as of 2 days ago. He wants to immobilize my foot and ankle to,see if it helps. Unfortunately I am not allowed to work with the boot. I have been off a week for vacation and now Dr wants me in the boot for three weeks! I am trying to deal with this because I know it may help my foot and that will make it all worth it.
I hope the immobilization helps. I know that sometimes rest can do great things. After an ankle sprain hadn't healed in 9 months my orthopedist put me in a cast for a month and it did the trick.

I was also in a boot for 7 weeks before and 3 months after my ankle tendon transfer. I found that it threw off my back almost immediately. The solution was to go to a discount store and buy a pair of thick soled men's work shoes that brought me back to level again. I put in a couple of padded insoles and I was back pain free again. I know you don't want to spend money unnecessarily on shoes that will be worn for only a short while, but they were actually really cheap-a lot cheaper than the co-pay to visit the chiropractor.

Good healing.


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