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Re: i had my tonsils removed exacatly a week ago NOW I NEED SOME HELP

No worries - what you are seeing is probably pieces of the scab coming off. That is completely normal and happens around this time. The only thing I would think you should be really concerned about is if you have a lot of bleeding because when the scabs start to come off is when you have the greatest risk of bleeding too much.

Hang in there! It does get better. I did not eat one bite of solid food for somewhere between 12-14 days. I had some really huge tonsils, so my recovery may have been longer than some, but by the end of 3 weeks, I was almost fully recovered. I know it seems hard while you are going through it, but I found it to be very worth it in the end as I haven't had a strep throat infection in the 2 years since I had mine out.

My biggest advice would be to get you some ice (I constantly had my husband making trips to Sonic to buy some since theirs seems to have a kind of softness to it) and get as much liquid down as possible. The ice can really help to ease the pain some and keeps you hydrated. Don't despair, you will make it through.
Good luck!