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Originally Posted by nicci 6 View Post
I'm well, i say i'm 14 months clean..but i have purged since i began,so who knows where i am at...
I think saying 14 months recovery is better to say but around 10 months clean..
I'm 16 and recovering from Anorexia. My problem right now is that im starting to doubt that i was ever thin enough. I was never THAT thin, i was average weight but i had the mind of an anorexic.
Does that count?
I was never diagnosed, but i know i am..."was". I'm too scared to ask for a real diagnosis by a doctor in case they say 'you're too fat to be anorexic'..would they say that?
My counsellor and psycologist all agree that i was that counts?yes?

Since recovery i've put a lot of weight on, because after i stopped starving myself i began binging and that got to im a size 12 (AUS) and i wonder if im too fat to still have anorexia thoughts...
What do you guys think?
Please help... and yes tell me if my thought are ridiculous!! <3

I'm vivi and was diagnosed with anorexia about a year ago. since then i have recovered and am now at recovery once again after relapsing.
First of all, your not anorexic. People may state that you don't have to be thin to be anorexic but technically yeah you do.
Anorexia nervosa is a Mental disease which makes think that they are too fat and start dieting. they will become thinner adn thinner as they restrict or even cut out food all together whilst still believing them selves to be too big.
You, however, sound as if you may be bulimic. Bulimics are not necessarily thin, in fact a lot are over weight. Bulimia is when the person feels as if they are too fat, also, but instead of cutting food they purge believing that if they throw up all the food they have eaten they will lose weight. Unfortunately that doesn't work as all the fat and nutrition are stored before the person has time to throw it all back up. They also binge, for a day or several days at a time and them proceed to purge after ward.

So, no your not anorexic - it is an easy mistake to make as they are both mental illnesses and both consist of you believing your self to be too big. Get checked out for bulimia before you damage your teeth, throat and other organs from bringing up stomach acid.