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Re: Ulnar shortening

I wore an exos splint/cast for a while. I was impressed by the technology.

I had a wrist arthrogram and MRI (arthrogram provided the contrast material for that too) before I had surgery a year ago. I didn't find the arthrogram to be that bad. I've certainly had worse in terms of testing. It might depend on the skill of the doctor who administers it.

I think the best thing is finding a good orthopedic specialist who is trained in hands and wrists. That has been one of my biggest challenges. I know that the tfcc area is a very difficult area to treat. I've had multiple doctors tell me that. I'd ask lots of questions to your doctor and get another opinion if you feel you need to.

I'm on my 3rd orthopedic specialist. I finally found one who did a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic with a doctor who has done tons of research on treating ulnar pain.

Since you had an untreated issue so many years ago, do you have an area that just didn't heal properly back then? I'd ask about that and if it was fixable. From all of my reading, I know some tears are and others aren't.

You might try doing research on UT Split Tears. It is a tear of the ulnotriquetal (UT) ligament. Instead of splitting across the ligament, it is a tear that opens the ligament like a book. Because the bloodflow is still there, it doesn't show on any tests like the arthrogram or MRI. It is newly discovered and research was only published on it in 2008 and the majority of doctors out there aren't familiar with it. Arthroscopic surgery is the only way to check for it, but you need a surgeon familiar with the injury who knows how to look for it. It can cause pain in the same tfcc area.

My current surgeon was trained on this and thought I might have a tear until I had surgery and he couldn't find anything other than tons of inflammation. I'm still having some pain in that area though and he mentioned the possibility of the tear at my last appointment. Makes me wonder if I have some microtears or something that just isn't bad enough yet to really be evident.

Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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