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Re: Ankle Fusion vs BTK Amputation

Hello everyone. I'm much like panhines and Katprof's husband in that the person I once was seems far in my past due to all the orthopedic issues I have had most of my adult life. Never mind my knee problems, hip problems, or arm problems. Even with the 17 surgeries I have had for those problems, they don't stack up to the impact the foot problems have caused. After years of gradually giving up one thing after another, I no longer hike, walk, bike, engage in countless sports, do gardening, mess with projects around the house, and so on. Even as a 60-year-old, I just cannot imagine being like this for the remainder of my life. I'm sedentary, isolated, and not very happy. I want to find a way to recover some of my mobility but not by having surgery after surgery. I have enough of all of the surgeries.

In 2010 I had a midfoot fusion that failed three months after I got out of the boot. The surgery was then repeated in 2011. I'm now 18 months post-op and the midfoot has collapsed again and has caused the chopart joint to collapse along with it. After getting multiple opinions from very reputable surgeons, the general consensus is that my best option is to have my entire foot fused. Assuming I have it done, and that this procedure finally works, the fusion will essentially create a brick at the end of my leg. Is this something that will improve the quality of my life? It will most likely reduce the pain, but will it allow me more function? This is where I could use some insight from people who have either gone through this type of procedure, or who might have insight to this type of situation.

I wonder if this fusion surgery is simply another step towards a BTK amputation. To avoid another failure and all the time lost, would I do better to simply have the amputation? Sure, amputation introduces other complexities to my life, but having a brick for a foot does too. I want to improve my mobility and return to some of the types of activities that I used to do, not be in surgery, recovery or rehab mode over and over again.

Any opinions or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!