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Re: Having meniscus surgery Friday

Hey Chillytoes, I'm glad your surgery went well. I too had my right knee done, the Dr. removed the torn piece, I believe it was 40%. I can't tell you how much better I felt/feel post surgery. The recovery time wasn't bad either. Pre-op I was in excruciating pain during the night and my knee would constantly buckle when walking and/or just standing. Keep up the physio and strengthen your thigh muscles too. I have to say one thing I did wrong......a few weeks after the surgery I was late picking up my little guy from pre-school and I ran. At the time I did not feel pain at all but the next two days, for some reason, I was in very bad pain. You may feel ready minus the pain but don't overdue it too soon. To Onyxgates, you should be fine in five weeks, just don't run!!! Hope you both heal well.