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Re: New Here - Spinal Meningioma

Thanks SO MUCH! I have mobility issues and a great deal of pain, so am pretty excited about the possibility of at least some resolution. I was forced to retire early in 2010 due to disability!! I also have DDD, so I understand this is not a "cure all" but I am so hoping some of the pain will diminish and the stumbling will stop. Over the past 10 yrs have gone to several Drs (Pain Dr, 2 Neurologists, and a Neurosurgeon) and no one caught this as no one ordered a thoracic MRI...only a lumbar and cervical!
Thank you for the warning regarding surgeons! This IS so important, as I used to be a surgical nurse and have seen firsthand the ones who KNOW and the ones who DONT! Pretty scary stuff at times! Fortunately, I know a neurosurgeon I used to work with who is tops. And to think, I've assisted in the removal of meningiomas!! But of course, after they rolled out of the operating room, I had no more knowledge of them.