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Re: going cold turkey from seroquel

well that was an epic failure! after going days without sleep i gave up and took some pills to help me sleep. its almost impossible to go without sleep when you have a big bottle of sleep i mean pills! i had to go to work and cant work without sleep. i guess this will be tougher than i thought, i knew 5 days wouldnt cut it. but failure is not an option in this case. i suppose i can try to go without on my days off and cut back, instead of 4-5 pills a night every night, i can take three on the days i work and suffer on my days off. another option is to see my doc and get put on some sleep medicine that i can afford, temporarily. i cant take the normal meds, ambein makes me crazy and do crazy stuff and other things dont work on me. benedry, melatonin, those do not work at all. if i could only sleep. oh well. something has to give, i cant live without the drugs and cant live with them.
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