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Re: recently diagnosed

Everyone's experience with this is different. I was 25 when diagnosed and it was a nightmare. They put me on gabapentin, trileptal, tegretol and the only thing those medications did was turn me into a zombie. They only medication that gave me a little but of relief was ativan. I decided to have the neurosurgery to correct it(my neurosurgeon is one the of the best in the tri-state area). He did a great job, haven't had any TN symptoms I do however struggle with pain due to the surgery. I get constant headaches and pain in my neck and jaw. At least that pain can be controlled with narcotics and muscle relaxants. Unfortunately opiates don't help with TN pain. Just the anti-seizure meds which have terrible side effects. If I were anyone with this terrible condition I would opt for the surgery(do your research on neurosurgeons not many are qualified in trigeminal neuralgia surgery) unless the medications were really helping without disrupting the quality of your life.