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Re: going cold turkey from seroquel

Originally Posted by cetiya View Post
well that was an epic failure! after going days without sleep i gave up and took some pills to help me sleep. its almost impossible to go without sleep when you have a big bottle of sleep i mean pills! i had to go to work and cant work without sleep. i guess this will be tougher than i thought, i knew 5 days wouldnt cut it. but failure is not an option in this case. i suppose i can try to go without on my days off and cut back, instead of 4-5 pills a night every night, i can take three on the days i work and suffer on my days off. another option is to see my doc and get put on some sleep medicine that i can afford, temporarily. i cant take the normal meds, ambein makes me crazy and do crazy stuff and other things dont work on me. benedry, melatonin, those do not work at all. if i could only sleep. oh well. something has to give, i cant live without the drugs and cant live with them.
What about talking to your doctor about slowly tampering off the seroquel? Is there anyway you can appeal the insurer's decision particularly if you say trying to taper off and replace with another sleeping drug? Does clonazapam work for you? What about getting a second opinion from another doctor about your situation?. I don't know your history but 1000 is a lot. My pyschiatrist had talked to me about putting on a low dose of seroquel (100 or so) and she told me she uses only very high doses when treating schizophrenics so I'm surprised that a doctor would let your dose get so high.