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Re: going cold turkey from seroquel

i didnt start out on this dose, its taken years of increasing the dosage to just the right one to work, i dont react normally to most drugs, and its always taken the highest dose of whatever to work. during my worst time on ambien, i was starting out at 30 mg and just kept taking pills until i was up to 100 mg a day. so most sleeping drugs that can work, just dont on normal doseages. and i cant become addicted to sleeping meds again, it was a nightmare. i wouldnt mind tapering, but i just cant afford any more meds. i think on my days off i'll only take one or two pills and only three on the nights i work. that will cut it back, if i can get to two pills a day i would have gone from 180 pills a month to 60 still not enough. i've been reading on seroquel withdrawals and i havent experienced anything like that, even after a day or two, some people really suffer, like opiate withdrawals. i didnt feel any way near that bad but maybe i didnt go long enough. i was mostly bored for being up for days. sigh. i wont have any more time to take off work, so i cant really stop right now, but maybe if i can get my body used to no pills on my days off and only two or three on the days i work, maybe that will help. going from 5 pills a day to a couple was easy, no withdrawals. i have the next four days off so i'll try to cut way back. its all i can do. thanks for caring!
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