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Re: Costochondritis

mrsafetyman I completely understand your frustration. I went to my primary doctor only to be told I have esophageal spasms and referred me to a gastro doc. One morning I took my meds and all of a sudden I got this lump feeling in my throat, I thought I was having an allergic reaction to my meds. I tried not to panic since I knew I could still breathe but it was very un-nerving. I had a scope done a few days later which showed nothing was stuck in my throat and the doc basically told me there was no cure. I just broke down because I didn't feel like the pain I was having was in my esophagus and my docs weren't listening to me all the while discovering I actually do have ES after all as well. The pain is above my left breast and wraps around to between my shoulder blades and just takes my breath away. There are times I would feel like I was having an anxiety attack because my heart would start racing and the pain wasn't easing up. One night I was running my hand over the area that hurt and found what appears to be a lump. I had a mammo then an ultrasound. The tech was exactly on the lump but it still wasn't showing up on the ultrasound or mammo. I went to my OB/GYN thinking of course cancer because of the lump. It took 2 1/2 months of pain and 3 doctors to finally figure out my pain is caused by costocondritis. I immediately went online, researched it and couldn't believe my eyes. Every symptom I was having is right there in front of my very eyes. I still don't understand why it took my OB/GYN doctor to realize what this is and it isn't even his specialty.
My doctor also told me this is associated with osteoarthritis. I don't understand the connection and now having the same lump and pain in the right side. I realize your post is a few months old. I hope and pray your daughter has since found relief. This is bad enough for an adult to deal with much less a child. Please stay on this and make sure your daughter does not get brushed aside.