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Re: Neuropathy

Hi, "k". I used to get a lot of neuro-like tingling and twitching. Mine was probably from B-12 deficiency, but I think neuritis also can cause this.

After sun, I got widespread lacelike mottling under skin surface that lasted from a few hours to a day, which probably was "livedo reticularis". LE is a sign of disruption in the autonomic nervous system that affects normal blood flow in capillaries. LE has been associated with fibromyalgia; also with anticardiolipin antibody and lupus anticoagulant, both of which are seen in APS (antiphospholipid syndrome). People with lupus are particularly susceptible to APS.

Re: fingernails, could these be "splinter hemorrhages"? I think those also flag abnormal capillary blood flow.

Have your doctors given your pancreas issues a name, like pancreatitis? Various things can cause: certain meds, vasculitis, gallstones, trauma, too much alcohol, etc. Have you had imaging tests? If not, I'd probably want those first, because of the possibility of gallbladder attack (incredibly painful). Maybe ask about gallbladder diet, too---i.e., do what's possible to reduce your odds of gallbladder attack if your doctor thinks gallbladder is a possibility. (For example, my sis & cousin both loved peanut butter. Bad choice!)

Then I'd probably want AI testing redone for lupus, APS, and all the other "close cousins".

I hope others add more thoughts. Please let us know what happens. Good luck! Bye, Vee