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If you take this, can you please tell me your thoughts on it? My neuro wants to prescribe it for me but I'm worried to take it without having a diagnosis or knowing what's causing my symptoms. If you take it, have you experienced any bad side effects? Does it help you at all? I have heard bad things about it and not sure I want to take it. My neuro is waiting to hear back from me on it before she prescribes it.

Thanks for any input!
I took Gabapentin for 1 1/2 years for nerve pain due to a motorcycle accident. 400 mg 3 x a day. Took the edge off a bit but did not get rid of all the pain. I started seeing a Acupuncturist and he said it was causing most of my pain then. Have been seeing the Acupuncturist for about two months now and am off the Gabapentin completely and the pain is greatly reduced. The withdrawal from Gabapentin was pretty brutal also.